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Selling Your Home

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William Norton Johnson

Master Real Estate Practitioner



Comprehensive. Integrated Residential Real Estate Services in Marin County California that seamlessly aligns all aspects of the sale and purchase of your home. This saves you money, time and creates peace of mind and we usually have fun along the way and that is priceless.


What follows is an explanation of the home selling process and how I practice the art of representing a client in the sale of a property.

Please review the following material and make note of any questions for our meeting. This will allow us to maximize the effectiveness of your time together.


Whether you and I decide to work together or not, you will find this material and our meeting to be most informative.



This presentation is geared toward the typical real estate project affecting roughly 95% of local residential real estate sales including most high-end properties.


I also have a program for the client who requires more privacy and discretion than that afforded in the typical marketing campaign.


Some ultra-high-end properties can be more akin to selling fine art where design elements, ambience and the story can be more valuable to a Buyer than the appraised value. If you think you have one of these unique properties, call for a Luxury Property consultation.





1) The marketing of Real Estate is the process of maximizing a properties strengths while minimizing it’s weaknesses without compromising disclosure requirements.


2) Always under promise and over deliver, a principle that would also serve online dating well.


3) There is a buyer for every property. I can sell anything, just ask the Alperts whose house was perched on the edge of crumbling 80 foot cliff above the Bolinas beach with a lighthouse shaped observation tower. After it became obvious that there wasn't a buyer for a house that was about to fall off a cliff, I found the Alperts a lot to buy down the street and moved their house to the new lot. I then sold their old shrinking lot with the lighhouse to the next door neighbor who was plagued by the same problem and could use the extra land.
Coming Soon, New 8 Week Marketing Plan



The internet is an integral part of home sales in today's market. When you list with me you will receive all that Bradley Real Estate has to offer, and Bradley Real Estate goes the extra mile in online marketing. In addition to the MLS online listings, your home will be syndicated to over 1,000 websites worldwide






Bradley Real Estate invests in many additional campaigns to promote our listings. You can be confident to know that Bradley places your listing on the premium programs on the most searched websites in your area. Bradley has contracts for all their listings to be highlighted on the following popular sites:


Realtor.com - Showcase Listings

SFGate.com - Featured Listings

Zillow.com    - Broker Pro Featured Listings


All all these bonus programs have their own special features including extra photos, larger photos, video uploads, premium placement, banners, open house announcements and more. In addition, my personal contact information will be posted so you can be confident that I, the agent most familure with your property, will be the one to respond to online inquiries.




When you list with me your property will be announced to the market via a Video Presentation. This is no your typical one-page Constant Contact® Digital Flyer. My Video is exactly the full Single Property Website embedded into an email. This email is sent to our targeted lists which includes potential buyers, Realtors, MLS members, and other real estate professionals in Marin, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco and the East Bay.


Video Facebook Ad


This Video Ad will also be run to a targetted audiance on Facebook and Instagram in the local real estate market. 

Coming Soon, New 8 Week Marketing Plan




 I personally review every document in every transaction from start to finish. I also plan to attend all signings of closing documents. I have been told by Title Officers, Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers that most other Realtors do not attend signings.


Over the decades I have caught many potentially costly mistakes during the escrow and at the signing of closing documents. I believe this is just part of the Standard of Care all agents owe their clients.




I have honed very productive negotiating skills that have proved very beneficial for his clients on both the Selling and the Buying side during both Sellers and Buyers markets.




When possible, I will be present at Buyer Inspections during Escrow.

I will be available to go over all Buyer inspections with you, the Seller. In the event there are further negotiations my background can guard against frivolous demands from Buyers.




My job isn’t over when you get an accepted offer. I will actively pursue a Backup Offer, an offer to go into secondary position in case the first escrow fails to close. Realtors have a legal responsibility to continue to market the property up until the day it closes but few do.




In real estate transactions, time is of the essence. I have an account for the top eSignature service, DocuSign®. This service empowers me and my clients to operate faster and more efficiently in completing the necessary transaction documents.


This is one of the only web-based services that securely automates and controls the entire electronic document signing process, helping all involved to stay ahead of the competition.


DocuSign® is easy to use. I will upload the necessary documents into the DocuSign® system. Then I will assign the areas that need to be completed. You will receive an email notification from me that your document is ready for review.


You will then be walked through a few simple screens to select your electronic signature style and sign the documents. When you have finished reading, reviewing, and acknowledging receipt of documents with electronic signatures, the document will be sent electronically through the system back to me.


There is no requirement for any special software or hardware. All you need is an email address and an internet connection! You can even complete documents on your web-enabled mobile devices!

In addition to the convenience of this service, reading and signing documents electronically can nearly eliminate the need for paper, creating a far “greener” transaction!




DocuSign® Transaction Room


Today’s real estate transactions continue to increase in complexity and involve a multitude of contracts, forms, addenda, and other documents required for the successful sale of your home.

DocuSign® Transaction Room provides a web-based platform that allows access to your transaction documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each Bradley Real Estate agent has a DocuSign® Transaction Room account that is set up by a professional transaction coordinator.

Convenient and Efficient. This use of advanced technology provides an efficient environment for your Bradley Real Estate agent to focus a greater amount of time communicating with you and other parties throughout the transaction.

Environmentally Friendly.


In addition to the convenience of this service, all documents are stored digitally and can be sent electronically, which can eliminate the need for most printed and copied documents, thus creating a far “greener” transaction



I assume nothing, I will not assume that anyone is doing their job, so I continuously follow up with everyone involved in the closing. I will guide you through the entire process. There is often a dance that occurs as the closing approaches. There is necessary coordination around moving out and moving in, etc. I will coordinate this process so it can go as smoothly as possible. I will notify you as each of the final steps is completed by the Buyer and I will personally call you to let you know the minute I am notified that the sale is on record and you are no longer the owner of the property and/or the owner of a new property.





I will follow-up with you and help with anything he can as you move forward.




When you list with me your listing will be disseminated throughout social media including Face Book ads, Face Book pages and postings to Realtor Only groups and much more.



With the exception of Open House listings, online advertising has all but completely wiped out the effectiveness of print advertising. Consequently, we will no longer be offering print advertising except for specific projects that might still benefit from print adveretising.



A detailed photo format multi-page cover piece used as the primary take-way for property showings. When you list with me these high-quality brochures will be augmented with a floor plan and detailed copy inserts outlining the strengths of the property.



Cooperating agents representing potential buyers will show your property. Few if any, have the experience or expertise that I do, and none will know the property as well as the listing agent. 


In addition to disclosure packets some properties can really use a detailed explanation to get you, the Seller, the best possible offer.


When you list with me, we will prepare a Detailed Showing Packet answering the most commonly asked questions when a property is not self-explanatory.



At the end of what follows we will have a Strategic Plan that is centered around your timing, goals and resources. We will also have a Tactical Plan as to how we will achieve your Strategic goals. The following representative Tactical Plan is for a property that will go through average preparation. Of course, if your project is simpler, the process will be quicker.



Arial photography allows for a unique overview of a property and its surroundings. When you list with me you can expect professional drone photography and/or video for your listing.





When you list with me you will have full access to the depth of my experience as both a Realtor and a former Building Inspector. What follows are some of the resources that we employ in the Marketing of listings. I always looking for additional effective ways to reach the desired buyer audience.


Of course, I will work with you to develop the most effective marketing plan to fit your specific needs.



Tech savvy Buyers is taken care of when you list with me. I provide Professional Matterport Virtual Tours for all my listings. Matterport allows potential Buyers to virtually walk through your home using their smart phone, tablet, computer or VR goggles. A true virtual tour allows Buyers to "try on the home" without distraction. A true virtual tour is also invaluable for listings with limited access. (click on image)




High quality photographs are the bedrock of any good real estate marketing campaign. When you list with Bill Johnson we will have your home photographed by a professional photographer.



When you list with me I will provide a representative floor plan.

There is nothing more frustrating to Buyers than to end their day with a fist full of flyers and an overwhelming blur of what they just saw. There is nothing like a floor plan to bring clarity to the home buying process by allowing buyers the opportunity to visualize placement of their furniture. This is essential in the home buying process.



When you list with me your property will be showcased in an expertly crafted narrative that will convey the emotion and character of the property while being mindful of disclosure requirements.


While graphics and photos do much to accomplish this, artful copywriting is essential for communicating with those who best learn through the written word. I pride myself on providing detailed copy that brings to life the strengths of a property, prompting the buyer to emotionally “move in”. After all, residential real estate is about people.


On the other hand, sometimes it’s advantageous to provide an artful description of a less than positive aspect of a property that can get a potential buyer past this point and buy the property. As a former Building Inspector, I am comfortable providing this service where other agents and their managing brokers might avoid the subject letting the buyer be disappointed while reviewing disclosures.



When you list with me your listing will be showcased on a Single Property Website. This is a large format, high capacity, high resolution photo/video cross platform, multi device friendly presentation which can be interlaced with detailed copy, maps and links to the Matterport file and other pertinent data. (click on image to open, then scroll down)



When you list with William Norton Johnson your property becomes part of Bradley Real Estate's strategy for attracting international home buyers to their listings. By distributing listings information and photographs to a wide array of premier consumer websites around the world, Bradley Real Estate makes sure that they maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers. Our listings appear across a vast worldwide network.


The more things change the more they stay the same


I developed this chart in 1998 to help my clients better understand the Home Selling Process. There are three distinct phases: The Pre-Market (Preparation Phase on the chart), the Marketing Phase and the Escrow Phase after an offer is accepted.






There are three types of Broker's Opens that we commonly use. In other areas these are called "Agent Caravans".


1) Pre-Market Brokers Open – occasionally used

This is a limited invitation only event to get feedback on specific aspects of the sale such as pricing, staging or repairs before the property goes on the market. I discourage clients from accepting “Off Market” offers at this stage as the property has not had full market exposure which is an essential element of Market Value.


2) New Listing Brokers Open – This is the first exposure to the general market where Realtors and their clients can come through the property. We try to make this somewhat festive to foster excitement and perhaps resulting in multiple offers. This can be in the form of refreshments, live music or even catered lunch depending on the price point of the property.


3) No-Host Brokers Open -  This is a period set aside for agents to preview or show the property without making an appointment. The lockbox records all showings for follow-up. No-Host Brokers Opens are generally used with properties that have been on the market for a while.



While one of the elements of establishing “Market Value” * is the adequate exposure to a “competitive market”, there are sometimes circumstances or Seller preferences that would best be served by an Off-Market Sale. This is a sale where there is no sign, the property is not on the MLS and is not advertised in any public media, print or electronic. It is sold, instead, through Bill's extensive network of the best local agents, many of whom he has known for decades.


I can discuss with you the potential benefits and drawbacks of an Off-Market Sale.


Note: I will never recommend an Off-Market Sale for the purpose of double ending a sale. We have a fiduciary responsibility to get you the highest possible price within the limitations you place on the process. Theoretically, the highest price will always be achieved with exposure to the open market. *See Pricing Section “Market Value” for the definition.



REALTOR COMMUNITY – After thirty-three years I know most of the Realtor community worth knowing. Yes, we have upstarts who come and go but there is a core group that is the main stay of the local real estate industry and who consistently do more than 80% of the business.


BRADLEY REAL ESTATE MEETINGS – Buy/Sell Sessions for announcing Coming Soon Listings, Current Buyer Needs and Off Market Listings.


REALTOR GROUPS – Marin Association of Realtors functions and other local groups, Women’s Council of Realtors - Marin, IBN Marin, etc.


Luxury Property Group – Local, Nationally and Internationally with other Institute for Luxury Real Estate Marketing members.


PRIVATE REALTOR FACEBOOK GROUPS – Where invited agents share Upcoming and Off Market properties to a select group of agents.



PRIVATE INVITATION PARTY – Neighbors, Friends, Club etc.


SUNSET TOUR – Typically for high end properties that are particularly beautiful at sunset and that could use the additional exposure. These can be both private invitation or Brokers Open.


NEIGHBORHOOD PROGRESSIVE TOUR – In cooperation with other listing agents with active listings in the area to draw attention and increase traffic flow of prospective buyers.


We are always open to new ideas for effective special events.




Very often neighbors know a friend or family member that they would like to move into their neighborhood.


When you list with me, we will tap into this source of potential buyers by sending Just Listed postcards to the surrounding area.




While the homeowner is usually responsible for the cost of maintenance, repairs and upgrades.  My expertise and management skills often add significant value to the property.

A Market Ready Plan and Basic Pre-Marketing Consultation Services are included with the listing fee. Project Management services may incur additional costs where unusual time is required and or significant value is added to the property.


Being open and honest by posting this program online leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage when you are interviewing more than one agent.  The competition gets to study my program while theirs remains in the dark.


Please take notes and allow me to respond to any differences that might crop up before you make a final decision.


Thank You 








Once the decision is made to work together, I will schedule and pay for our interior designer to come to the property and develop a Market Ready Plan to use as a guide in preparing the property for sale.


I will refine this Market Ready Plan, as needed, to reflect your specific needs.


This will be the starting point for your Home Selling Project.


If your home already shows as though it were ripped from the pages of Architectural Digest, or you simply do not have the time or resources to put into further property preparation than we can skip this step.






From cleaning up the yard and touching up paint to a renovation that raises the quality class of your property, I have access to cost effective resources to get the work done in a timely manner.


From minor to major, I will help you choose only those repairs and upgrades that will add value to your sale as your timing permits. I will then help with contractor selection and negotiations. I will monitor progress to completion. I will also represent you in dealing with Building and Planning officials if need be. Don’t worry, I have your back in this process.





I learned in Architectural School that Eighty percent of the population is conceptually challenged, they cannot visualize how things fit. Staging is a proven way to help these folks mentally move into a home, give it scale and generally improve the emotion of the home.  This adds value as Buyers will generally pay more if the home has the feel they are looking for. We can help select a cost-effective stager for any sized project and work directly with the stager to get you the most bang for the buck.





You can never disclose too much but you can disclose too little. How you disclose can be as important as what you disclose. As a former building inspector with my expert knowledge of design and construction and my gift for writing, I can guide you through the process of accurately disclosing items that affect the value and desirability of the property without being overly alarmist.

While we embrace the latest in technology with the Glide and Disclosure IO apps, I review all Disclosure documents for any known errors or ommissions.



What if you have unpermitted construction or notices of violation or the driveway cuts across the neighbor's lot?


This is right up my alley. As a former Building Inspector for the County of Marin I know how to begin the process to cure these situations or how to structure the disclosures for a pass through to the new owner.


We will discuss your options and what might be the most cost-effective approach for you or refer you to experts. What is a real problem for most agents is not a problem for me.


There is nothing that scares me.








While I was a Building Inspector for the County of Marin, I do not do formal inspections. My expertise can help with understanding Inspection Reports and identifying cost effective remedies and explaining existing conditions in an accurate but non-alarmist manner to prospective Buyers.


Some inspections are required by law in some areas. Municipal Inspections, and Sewer Lateral inspections are common mandatory inspections.


Other inspections will make the sale of your home much smoother and enhance your chances of getting the highest possible price for your home. I will help you select the best possible inspectors for your project and overseeing the inspection and question observations that might be overstated in a report. This can save you many thousands of dollars.




Perhaps the oldest of property marketing techniques is the yard sign.


While it is sometimes looked upon with distain as a forfeiture of privacy and a magnet for nosey neighbors, the yard sign helps easily identify the property to agents and potential Buyers who are unfamiliar with the area.


Along with the area mailing, the yard sign helps create excitement around the listing and excitement is a good thing when we are looking for the highest possible price for your home. As for the nosey neighbors, it is not unusual for nosey neighbors to know someone who they would like to join them in the neighborhood.


Also, yard signs are usually the ideal place for a brochure box to display flyers to draw entice prospective Buyers to want to see the property.


Signage is generally a good thing but there are times when there are extenuating circumstances that might preclude installing a sign. I will have that discussion with you.




Public Open Houses, when possible, are an integral part of a comprehensive marketing plan.


Agents use Open Houses to more efficiently show their clients property. Agents will send their Buyers to Open Houses.


Buyers will come to Open Houses without their agent's knowledge.


With most buyers beginning their search on the internet, Open House have become more important than ever.


Yes, there are tire kickers, lookie-loos and nosy neighbors but we are experts at separating these out, so we spend time with the most qualified buyers. In fact, nosy neighbors are often looking for friends or relatives that they want to move to the neighborhood.


Ask about our prequalified only Luxury Home Open House.




A brief photo and description format used to remind agents of what they saw at Brokers Opens and to peak the curiosity of potential buyers who drive by. For many agents this form of flyer is the extent of their marketing.



This is what I call the process when a potential buyer reveals that they are working with another agent.


I have sold many of my listings by first showing the property to a prospective buyer either from an internet lead, sign call, ad call or at an Open House where the Buyer is working with another agent.


I sell the Buyer on the benefits of the property (catch) and with my expertise as a former building inspector, gives them a real-world assessment of any shortcomings without being alarmist.


Having sold the Buyer on the property we turn them back over to their agent (release) to write the offer and we follow up with that agent. This usually makes for an easier escrow.


Bill generally does not double end a sale where he represents both the Seller and Buyer except in special circumstances. Ask, Bill has stories. Bill has all sorts of stories.

Members of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing have access to exclusive market insights and the latest strategies and tools enabling them to stay on top of changing market conditions and offer effective plans to sell luxury properties. This insight and specialized knowledge makes Institute Members the best agent choice for affluent buyers and sellers of luxury properties.”


Contact me for his Luxury Property Program

Your Luxury Property may qualify for the auction process when a quick sale is required. I have developed a relationship with Supreme Auctions. We work together to get you the highest price for a quick sale. Not all Luxury Properties qualify for this process. Contact me for further details.


When You Need to Move Quickly



I will provide a Neighborhood Amenities Map showing shopping, dining, school, church and other nearby amenities. 



Next, we will develop the Tactical Plan which outlines the necessary steps to bring the Strategic plan to fruition, 

You can be as involved in the implementation process as little or as much as you want. I can taylor the process to your desires and comfort level.





This is the end of the description of the Three Phases of Home Selling and some of what I offer for tools to get your home sold.


Next we plan your sale. This plan has two distinct parts. The Strategic Plan, which is an explanation of what your end goal is and what the available resources are to get you the best possible results. Next it is the Tactical Plan which lays out the Timeline of the steps necessary to implement the Stratigic Plan.


It is at this point that I start to add value to your project, therefore, it is at this point you agree to work with me and a Listing Agreement is signed.





1) Define your Goal.

2) Define the Timing to achieve your Goal.

3) Define what is necessary and what you are willing and able to do to prepare your property for sale.


What follows is a list of the factors Buyers usually consider when buying a home. To maximize the value and desirability of your offering to potential Buyers we may decide dto o some work on the items you, the Seller, has control over.



1) Meets Buyers Basic Needs
2) Location
3) Design; Age, Style and Floorplan
4) Condition *
5) Amenities *
6) Emotion – Preparation* & Staging*
7) No Surprises - Inspections*
8) Incentive - Price Point *


*  Items that Seller has potential control over.




This is a list of some of the different scenarios to consider in making a Strategic Plan.


1) Sell Without Doing Anything to the Property

2) Light Preparation, Decluttering, Painting, Landscaping


3) System and/or Amenities Upgrades


4) Extensive Repairs and Cleanup


5) Staging (recommended) or Not


6) Pre-Sale Inspections (recommended) or Not


7) Pre-Escrow Preliminary Title Report (recommended) or Not


8) Full Market Exposure (recommended), Limited Exposure, Off Market Sale


9) Full Showing Access (recommended), Limited Showing


10) Etc.











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